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Yaki Onigiri  焼きおにぎり 

As a child , my mother used to make us Yaki Onigiri every time we had a barbeque.
She would grill the onigiri on the bbq grill.

Yaki Onigiri (grilled onigiri) is grilled on a wire grill until crispy, then brushed with soy sauce or miso,
but my Yaki Onigiri doesn't use a grill. I use a pan instead of a grill, then mix yaki onigiri sauce into the rice so
the flavor is not just on the outside of the onigiri.









Ingredients(Makes 7)
700g/25oz cooked Japanese short grain rice
1 tsp Mushroom Seasoning
3 tbsp Tamari/soy sauce
1/2 mirin (optional)
1/2 sesame oil
1 tsp maple syrup/Agave nectar (1 1/4 tsp if you are not using mirin)

1. Mix mushroom seasoning, tamari, mirin, sesame oil and maple syrup together.
2. Pour the mixture over rice( make sure that rice is hot or warm ) and stir well.
3. Wet your hands and place the ball of rice between your cupped palms.
Now squeeze, flip, and turn the rice ball several times to form it into a triangular shape.
4. Cut the parchment paper into a shape of the pan then place into the pan. Set the stove on medium heat and place onigiri on to the pan. Using the parchment paper prevents the onigiri from sticking on to the pan, as well as making it easier when cleaning up.
5. Cook each side of the onigiri around 5-7 minutes or into a haze of your preference.
6. Serve hot or warm.

You can wrap the onigiri individually with plastic wrap and store it in the freezer if you wish to eat it later.
Just heat it up in the microwave.

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